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KESWICK RIDGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY “HISTORY SPEAKS” SERIES SUPERIOR SCHOOL – 112 Route 616 Sunday April 10th 2 pm – HISTORY SPEAKS THROUGH ARTIFACTS Ruth Murgatroyd of the Fredericton Region Museum,  Dawna Gordon curator of the Keswick Ridge Historical Society Museum and David Coburn of the Coburn Family Farm Museum will present several interesting items from [...]

Artifact Spotlight: The British Small Box Respirator

The vivid scenery in Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est helps me to recall that many people of all nationalities went through terrifying experiences with chemical warfare during the First World War. Until I began working at the Fredericton Region Museum, the vivid imagery remained just a part of the poem. I could picture the [...]

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Hannah Ingraham at the Fredericton Region Museum

On the second floor balcony of the Fredericton Region Museum, a young girl from colonial times serves iced tea and cookies. Spencer Murgatroyd dresses in period costume as Hannah Ingraham, a woman of Loyalist descent who arrived in Fredericton from New York State in 1783 at the age of 11. She was a refugee, escaping [...]

Madrigal Artisans gift shop at the Museum

Formed in 2013, The Madrigal Artisans, a branch of the Madrigal Players, opened a gift shop found at the second entrance of the Fredericton Region Museum, 571 Queen Street in Officers’ Square. Along with their arts and crafts for sale, The Madrigal Artisans will be offering art and craft activities/classes. Items available for sale at [...]

Young geocachers follow the 104th Regiment

Some of Fredericton's youngest geocachers The family that geocaches together stays together! Mark, Hannah, and Lily McGarrigle arrived at the Fredericton Region Museum today to let us know they completed the 104th Regiment Geotrail. The trail follows the route taken by the 104th Regiment of Foot on their march from Fredericton to Kingston in 1813. These [...]

Frances Louisa King Sampler

Frances Louisa King Sampler It was an exciting day at the Fredericton Region Museum!  After weeks of correspondence and hours of research, we received the Frances Louisa King sampler donated by Philip Johnstone Burpee of Alberta.  Thank you, Philip! MCLEAN:  William Alexander born 14 Sep 1810, died 28 Sep 1864, son of Archibald McLean [...]

Construction of the Mactaquac Dam

Today, the Mactaquac  Dam is a prominent part of the central New Brunswick landscape. Owned and operated by NB Power, the dam has the capacity to generate 653 megawatts of electricity – nearly twenty percent of New Brunswick's total power demand! It's a pretty impressive feat of structural engineering (or is it...), and a local [...]

A Different Perspective

Can you guess what this object is? At first glance, these appear to be some sort of 3D glasses, but this interesting little thing happens to be a medical object. These are called Anaglyph glasses, made simply from metal and plastic. Anaglyph glasses are used to determine a number of optical disorders, including colour blindness. [...]

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A Top Choice

Hello! My name is Jiselle and I am a senior student attending Stanley High School. Why am I writing on this blog, you ask? I was lucky enough to get the Fredericton Region Museum as my Co-operative Education placement. Basically, I get work experience from a place full of historical artefacts and great people! Anyways, [...]

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