The duties for the positions of Board Members and Directors are included in the York Sunbury Historical Society by-laws. Included are the positions of: The President, The Vice President, The 2nd Vice President, The Secretary, The Treasurer and The Past President, and Ex-officio Positions. Board members must be in a member of the York Sunbury Historical Society in good standing.

Board Directors accrue approximately 4 hours each month, with the exceptions of: the president (7-10 hours per month), the secretary (7-10 hours per month), and the treasurer (7-10 hours per month).

Board members and other volunteers will put in more hours depending on programs and projects being run and other tasks they take on.

Board Committees

The duties of Board Committees are included in the York Sunbury Historical Society by-laws and include these Standing Committees: Executive, Programs, Exhibits, Collections, Finance, Nominating, and Publications.

Interested in joining the York Sunbury Historical Society Board? Contact the Fredericton Region Museum office and find out if there is an opening!

Executive Committee

President: Gary Waite
Past President: Harold Skaarup
Treasurer: Evelyn Fidler
Secretary: Richard Yeomans
Ex-Officio: Alena Krasnikova

Board Of Directors

  • Harold Skaarup
  • Gary Waite
  • Richard Yeomans
  • Evelyn Fidler
  • Karen Daigle (Representative City of Fredericton)
  • Cynthia Wallace-Casey
  • Patrick Proctor
  • Ian MacEacheron
  • Leah Grandy
  • David Hughes
  • Annie Ven Deventer Redford
  • Alena Krasnikova (Ex-Officio)

Committee Chairs

Collections: Patrick Proctor
Exhibits: Cynthia Wallace-Casey
Finance: Cynthia Wallace-Casey
Health & Safety: Ian MacEacheron
Membership: Anqi Fang
Nominations: Harold Skaarup
Programs: Leah Grandy
Publications: Maxine Campbell