The cover of Jessie Hill's autograph book (1991.8.1)

The cover of Jessie Hill’s autograph book (1991.8.1)

Managing a large collection can be both challenging and rewarding.  I’m fortunate to have several amazing summer students and volunteers who work at the Fredericton Region Museum.  Without them, we would never be able to keep up with the many objects that have been donated to the museum over the years.  The Chair of our Collections Committee, Brian, is one of the hardest working volunteers that I have met.  He has been working with our archival collection and has done an amazing job organizing it and unearthing many treasures.

Occasionally, Brian drops by the office with an item that needs to be researched and leaves it with me.  Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time to devote to research but when he handed me this little green autograph book, I couldn’t resist.  I had to see if I could find out more about it.

Each artefact in the collection has a file that includes a catalogue worksheet, pictures and copies of research that may have been completed.  My favourite files are thick and full of information but this file was neither.  Using the information that was in the file and I learned that the Autograph Book was donated in 1991 by Mrs. Marion Hanson and assigned number 1991.8.1.  A note on the catalogue worksheet said that the book belonged to Jessie Hill.

“Jessie, That you may be good & happy is the sincere wish of your mother, Christmas 1877”

“Jessie, That you may be good & happy is the sincere wish of your mother, Christmas 1877”

When I opened the book, I noticed that the first inscription in the book says,

That you may be good & happy is the sincere wish of your mother
Christmas 1877”

The book must have been a Christmas gift to Jessie from her mother.

After much digging, I found the following information:

HILL:  Charles E. born circa 1829, listed in the 1871 census as a mill owner and merchant, married Mary Susie, born circa 1839:


  • Neil Balfour, born circa 1855 in Milltown, died 11 January 1921 in Nashwaaksis, York County, married 11 November 1914, Mary E. Bailey of Nashwaaksis, York County
  • Mary Todd, born circa 1857, married James Stewart Neill
  • Jessie Maria
  • Marshall James, born circa 1864

Charles E. Hill is listed in the McAlpine’s York and Carleton Counties Directory for 1884-85 on page 40. The 1871 census lists him as a mill owner and merchant.

MORRISON:  Frank Inches, born 9 November 1857, Fredericton, New Brunswick, died 19 October 1909, Fredericton, New Brunswick son of John A. Morrison and Lucy Everett of Fredericton married 16 December 1886 Jessie Maria of Pokiok, New Brunswick, born 24 November 1860, died 6 April 1932, Fredericton, New Brunswick:


  • Luke Stewart Morrison

MORRISON:  Luke Stewart, born 19 September 1888, Fredericton, New Brunswick,  married 19 September 1911, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Margaret MacDonald Wiley daughter of John McCausland Wiley and Margaret Anne MacDonald, born 9 July 1887, Fredericton, New Brunswick:


  • Marion Hill, born 2 August 1912, Fredericton, New Brunswick, died 7 August 2009
  • Frank Inches, 8 June 1914, Fredericton, New Brunswick, died 19 April 2005
  • Margaret Anne, 23 February 1916, Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Jack
  • Patricia

HANSON:  Horace Allen of Fredericton, New Brunswick, son of Benjamin M. Hanson and Henrietta Marion Allen, died 1985, married 21 September 1940, Marion Hill Morrison, born 2 August 1912, Fredericton, New Brunswick, died 7 August 2009


  • John
  • Patricia
  • Richard
  • Elizabeth


I would love to know more about Jessie’s parents.  If anyone can assist with her genealogy, post your notes in the comments. 

Thank you!