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Snip Snip!

In 1972, the Fredericton Region Museum received a pair of tongs that are now on display in the Museum. No, these are not your average salad tongs, these are in fact an old pair of horse hoof clippers. The tongs are made of iron and attached by a single bolt. One handle happens to be 2.7 inches longer [...]

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Mysterious Cubes!

In 1984, the museum recieved a small bag filled with strange black cubes. They are mostly smooth and appear to be plastic. They were donated by a man named David Myles. He is a nephew of Mrs. J. H. Ramsay, who lived at the Mrs. J. H. Ramsay Estate on George Street, Fredericton at the time of donation. [...]

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A Different Perspective

Can you guess what this object is? At first glance, these appear to be some sort of 3D glasses, but this interesting little thing happens to be a medical object. These are called Anaglyph glasses, made simply from metal and plastic. Anaglyph glasses are used to determine a number of optical disorders, including colour blindness. [...]

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Historic Wedding Dress

This beautiful 1950's wedding dress is one of many items found in a recently purchased Grand Lake cottage that used to belong to the Chavanne family. The items belonged to Exa Marie (Lister) Chavannes who is now residing in Sarasota, Florida. Exa was an opera singer and was 30 years old [...]

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A Top Choice

Hello! My name is Jiselle and I am a senior student attending Stanley High School. Why am I writing on this blog, you ask? I was lucky enough to get the Fredericton Region Museum as my Co-operative Education placement. Basically, I get work experience from a place full of historical artefacts and great people! Anyways, [...]

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