Can you guess what this object is?

At first glance, these appear to be some sort of 3D glasses, but this interesting little thing happens to be a medical object. These are called Anaglyph glasses, made simply from metal and plastic. Anaglyph glasses are used to determine a number of optical disorders, including colour blindness.

This pair was made by the American Optical Co. Instrument Division in Buffalo, NY. They belonged to Dr. John Likely (1919-1999), who was born and raised in Saint John until his father encouraged him to go into medicine. He eventually opened his own office in Fredericton. His wife, Carole Likely, worked as a registered nurse for 26 years at the Chalmers Hospital. She spent three years working as his assistant out of their home. Likely met her husband through work at the hospital, and they married in 1984. Dr. Likely spent his remaining years enjoying his hobbies as well as spending quality time with his family.