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Diggin' Up The Past

This program has a direct focus on archaeology. Defined as the study of human activity in the past, primarily through the recovery and analysis of material culture; archaeology is most often touched upon when learning about history. Plus, who does not like to get their hands dirty and find cool stuff? Archaeology is an area [...]

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Preserve Your Memories at the Fredericton Region Museum

On Saturday, September 26th, come and preserve your memories at a scrapbooking workshop located in the heart of the Fredericton Region Museum. The Fredericton Region Museum launched it’s contemporary participatory exhibit entitled “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer” on September 5th. While constructing this exhibit, the museum called upon members of the community to submit experiences [...]

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Fredericton Region Museum Publishes First World War Booklet!

The Fredericton Region Museum is pleased to announce that the First World War exhibit is now available in printed form.  With the assistance of nine sponsors, the publication features the history of the war from a New Brunswick perspective.  Included in the full colour bilingual publication is the text from the various panels included in [...]

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Fredericton Region Museum to be Launching New Exhibit on Cancer

Fredericton Region Museum to be launching new exhibit on cancer this autumn. The date of the launch is set for September 5, 2015 at the Fredericton Region Museum in downtown Fredericton. FREDERICTON, NB – Aug 12, 2015 – Entitled “Stories of Those Affected by Cancer,” the new exhibit from the Fredericton Region Museum forms its [...]

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History Themed Summer Day Camps

We've had a wonderful summer here at the Fredericton Region Museum. One of our favourite parts were the history themed summer day camps. This year, we offered four fun-filled and educational weeks. Our first camp was the Blast to the Past: The Fredericton Edition camp. This camp was certainly a blast! We visited all kinds [...]

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Victory over Japan Day 70th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony

William Hickie, Royal Rifles of Canada, in Gander Newfoundland before leaving for Hong Kong. William Hickie was from Jacquet River, New Brunswick. This August 15th marks the 70th Anniversary of “Victory over Japan” Day. The official end to the second world was in 1945 when it was announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally [...]

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Hats Off to our New Exhibit

On Thursday the 6th of August, at 5:00 PM the Fredericton Region Museum, (FRM), will be hosting a private reception for the opening of our new hat exhibit. We are happy to welcome Trish Hirschkorn who has generously contributed some of her own creations to our collection. Ms. Hirschkorn is an artist who specializes in [...]

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