On Thursday the 6th of August, at 5:00 PM the Fredericton Region Museum, (FRM), will be hosting a private reception for the opening of our new hat exhibit. We are happy to welcome Trish Hirschkorn who has generously contributed some of her own creations to our collection. Ms. Hirschkorn is an artist who specializes in felt making and headwear design. With her guidance and assistance, the museum was able to have several chapeaus conserved for this exhibit. Ms. Hirschkorn has gone above and beyond in her work for the museum.

Ms. Hirschkorn’s millinery is inspired by the 1920’s, an era known for glamour and embracing, ‘the new’; both aspects are captured beautifully in Trish’s cloche hats. Originally, the design of the cloche accompanied very short hair, and was considered fashionable from 1908 until 1933, though is best remembered from the iconic decade.

As a Fredericton-based maker, Trish is well acquainted with harsh Canadian winters, and designs her hats accordingly. Her goal is to continue to create headwear that is both functional and fashionable, and hopes her designs will give the wearers confidence to face the cold while remaining stylish.

The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Fredericton Region Museum in 1934. In 1959, the Museum found permanent headquarters in the Officers’ Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton. The Society and Museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers.

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