FAB Fredericton Artist Boutique

There is so many cool items that can be found at the shop. It’s a must stop in while downtown Fredericton.  Located on the bottom floor of the Fredericton Region Museum, 571 Queen St.

The Fredericton Region Museum is excited to welcome our summer neighbours, the FAB Fredericton Artist Boutique!  They are a wonderful little craft store that has taken up residence on the other end of the ground floor of our building.

I went down to explore and they are packed full of hand crafted treasures from Atlantic Pewter, Kvh Jensen, Voluptuous Designs, Born Again Purses, Andrew Scott (Writer/Photographer), Nick Bartlett (Pinzilla Buttons), Ange Fuller (Creative Pursuits) and Carrie Allen-Golding (Rebel Needles).

We hope you plan to stop by the shop!