Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick


The Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick and Fredericton Region Museum present: Pieces of the Past: Fredericton’s Asian Heritage

As part of Asian Heritage Month 2016, the Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick (AHSNB) presents an exhibit at the Fredericton Region Museum. Pieces of the Past: Fredericton’s Asian Heritage features traditional items collected from the local community, representing six different Asian countries: India, Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Japan, and Nepal.

The exhibit features art, handicrafts, musical instruments, and clothing collected from the community.  From a century-old shirt that made it across the Pakistani border during Partition, to a delicate piece of Japanese origami, objects brought from other countries have special cultural and personal histories. Treasured items from the country of origin connect Asian Canadians to the past, and create new memories in Canada as they’re passed from one generation to the next.

A window to Asian culture, the exhibit also reminds us that people from all over the world are making new histories right here in Fredericton.

Exhibit Details
Pieces of the Past: Fredericton’s Asian Heritage
Open now until mid-June
Hours: 1-4 PM, Tuesday-Saturday
Admission: $5

AHSNB was created in 2002 to correspond with the nation-wide observance of Asian Heritage Month each May, as declared by the Government of Canada. We strive to fulfill the federal mandate of Asian Heritage Month in celebrating the rich culture and contributions of Asian Canadians, and to foster recognition of Asian Canadians as full participants in Canadian history.