Located on the upper balcony of the Fredericton Region Museum, overlooking Offiicers’ Square, Hannah’s Tea Place offers visitors a place to relax and enjoy some cookies and ice tea and/or participate in an interesting project all while learning about the interesting history of the Fredericton Region. Established in 2011, Hannah’s Tea Place will be providing refreshments to Museum patrons for the fourth year. Begun as a summer project, Spencer Murgatroyd, dresses as Hannah Ingraham, a Loyalist woman who, in 1784, moved to Fredericton from New York at the age of eleven. The business has grown to include an interactive social impact project in which patrons of the Tea Shop can participate. These projects benefit the Fredericton community. In 2013, Hannah engaged visitors of the Tea Place and of the greater Fredericton community in a knitting project that created hats for premature babies at the Doctor Everett Chalmers Hospital. As a result, 108 hats were donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Fredericton SPCA. This wonderful organization has provided shelter and health care to stray animals, reconnected lost pets with their owners and advocated on behalf of animals in the Fredericton community. In order to mark this occasion, Hannah’s Tea Place will engage the public in making of pet toys for dogs and cats awaiting adoption at the city’s shelter. The goal of this endeavour is to donate 100 toys to mark the SPCA’s 100 years of service to the community. Hannah will be inviting interested visitors to join her as she creates these fun toys for our furry friends to enjoy. Donations of used jeans, used t-shirts and old baby socks would be welcomed.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a non-profit organization mandated with the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history of the Region of Fredericton. Hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday from 10-5 throughout the months of July and August.