2012-13 Maliseet Moon Calendar ~ Kwəcikətən tan Eləkiman Pemi-kisohsewihtit Wəlastəkok

2012-13 Maliseet Moon Calendar ~ Kwəcikətən tan Eləkiman Pemi-kisohsewihtit Wəlastəkok

2012-2013 Maliseet Moon Calendar

The St. Thomas University Native Studies Program has just released their fourth Maliseet Moon Calendar!  Featuring images of Maliseet birchbark canoes and excerpts of Maliseet stories.  One of the York Sunbury Historical Society Taylor paintings is featured on 11th Moon (Rutting Moon in September and October).

Copies of the Maliseet Moon Calendar can be purchased at the Fredericton Region Museum for $10.  The proceeds from the calendar sales will be used to support the work of the Chair in Native Studies at St. Thomas University in revitalizing the Maliseet language.  We have limited copies available but copies can be purchased directly from the Native Studies Program Department