Cavelle Macdonell,  BFA, BEd.

An independent curator, filmmaker, artist, teacher and arts advocate, Cavelle earned a Fine Arts degree at Mount Allison University as well as, a Film Studies and Education degrees from Queen’s University.

This summer, the Fredericton Region Museum is  fortunate to have Cavelle Macdonell,  BFA, BEd. as our guest artist-in-residence!  An accomplished contemporary artist, Cavelle will be opening a small arts studio and gallery within the Museum!  As well, she will continue to teach courses in Fine Arts and Graphic Design at University of New Brunswick and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, in the fall.  Cavelle is now working on a documentary film series entitled: The Art of Living highlighting outstanding seasoned New Brunswick artists.  The first in this series is Catherine Hale – Gothic Matriarch whose exhibition of over 100 assemblage and textile work, opens at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery June 30th 2011.

The gallery will be open during the months of July and August from Tuesday to Saturday afternoons inclusive and will exhibit besides Cavelle’s artworks, local and international artists including: Suzi Kahler (USA), Marilyn Mazzerole (Fredericton), Linda J. Bartlett (Sheffield), Sara Wormell, (Grand Manan Island), Sharon Hicks (Sackville), Rashmi Pitre (India),  Swati Kumar (India),  Derek Davidson (Fredericton),  Alet Igland (Denmark),  Fabiola Martinez (Saint John), Annabella Gorlier (Spain),  Jacqueline van der Venne (the Netherlands), and Rabe’eh Banafti (Iran).

The international artworks were part of an International Women Arts
Exhibition:  21 artists 9 countries 101 artworks from Facebook to Fredericton that Cavelle curated.  The paintings were featured in the annual World Women March 2000 – 2010 Conference held at the Delta Hotel in October 2010.  Exhibited were small unframed artworks by local women, as well as, women from India, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Iran, England, Turkey, USA, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

An independent curator, filmmaker, artist, teacher and arts advocate, Cavelle earned a Fine Arts degree at Mount Allison University as well as, a Film Studies and Education degrees from Queen’s University.  She has lived in many countries and recently taught high school to Haitian and Bahamian children in the Caribbean.

Cavelle is formerly from Newfoundland and before moving to Fredericton, she lived in the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain, where she worked as a photographer and taught private tuition.  She is now settling back in the Maritimes and teaching Fine Arts and Design at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Continued Education at the University of New Brunswick.

Here at the Museum, Cavelle is exploring a body of local New Brunswick landscape paintings.  As well, she will be dividing her time at the Fredericton Region Museum between her studio located on the main floor and her art gallery located in the Museum’s second entrance.  Cavelle is also offering to teach Fine Arts and Graphic Design lessons from her studio for those seeking to learn or develop their skills of Observation with multi-media including Still Life, Portraits, Life Drawings and Landscapes.  Lessons will be held Tues 5:30 to 7:30pm, Sunday 11am to 1pm and Thursday 11am to 1pm.

Cavelle is very active on Facebook and has created the following arts related groups; as a way to create opportunities for artists around the world to express their unique voice, to reach the broadest possible audience, as a means to breakdown cultural barriers.

Cavelle Macdonell, BFA, BEd.

An accomplished contemporary artist, Cavelle will be opening a small arts studio and gallery within the Museum!

Please drop by for a visit and chat!