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Mystery Tool!

A beautiful wooden tool, it looks like a plane; "A tool consisting of a block with a projecting steel blade, used to smooth a wooden or other surface by paring shavings from it." (Dictionary dot com) What is it? A gentleman dropped by the Fredericton Region Museum office yesterday to see if I [...]

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Last of its Kind Research

Got a call from Rachel yesterday …. … she is researching about people or things or places in the Maritimes that are "Last of its Kind". Would anyone know of anyone or anything that are the 'last of its kind.’  This could be related to industry, agriculture, fishing, pioneer lifestyle, education etc. And although there [...]

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Searching for a Photograph of Master Mariner Captain Shanks

The Fredericton Region Museum office received the following query, if you think you can help us please leave your comments here. “I am searching for a photograph for my gg grandfather Walter Shanks born December 18, 1818 in Saltcoats, Scotland.  Captain Shanks was a Master Mariner sailing to and from New Brunswick for 50+ years.  I have [...]

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Winged-skull or winged head (Cherub) type gravestones from the 18th century or earlier

Recently, a gentleman who was researching Loyalists visited me at the Fredericton Region Museum.  We talked about his research, he picked my brain and then I made a few recommendations on where he could further his search.  He then asked me if I had ever seen early tombstones decorated with winged-skulls or winged [...]

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The original settlement of the Magundy, Blaney Ridge (York County, New Brunswick)

If you think you can help us please leave your comments here. “I am wondering what information you might have on the original settlement of the Magundy, Blaney Ridge, Magaguadavic area of Prince William, York County in the late 1820′s. From my genealogy research, it appears that many of these settlers came from County Donegal, Ireland. Was [...]

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Looking for information on the Fredericton Mining and Development company

If you think you can help us please leave your comments here. “I’m looking for information on the Fredericton Mining and Development company, which existed around the (previous) turn of the century (1900). In going through my grandparents’ old things, it seems they had relatives (the Bliss family) working out of Fredericton at the mining [...]

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