1751 winged head type (sample included in e-mail coorespondence)

Recently, a gentleman who was researching Loyalists visited me at the Fredericton Region Museum.  We talked about his research, he picked my brain and then I made a few recommendations on where he could further his search.  He then asked me if I had ever seen early tombstones decorated with winged-skulls or winged heads in the local historic grave yards.

Personally, I could not think of any though I have never looked for anything specific.  I told my visitor to send me a note and a few samples of what he is looking for, and I would post the query on the museum blog and put a call out to the internet community for sightings.  I also directed him to the Old Burial Ground here in Fredericton where many of the early Fredericton residents are buried.

Here is his note:

1689 winged skull (sample included in e-mail coorespondence)

“Hi Ruth,
It was a pleasure discussing New Brunswick history issues with you at the museum in Fredericton last Thursday.  I did take your advice and visited King’s Landing later that afternoon. It was superb.  Actually got to talk in detail with several informants and went through an almost carbon copy of my own house in Vermont.

I’m writing to take you up on your offer to ask around if people visiting old cemeteries had noticed any winged-skull or winged head (Cherub) type gravestones from the 18th century or earlier.

I will attach some samples. An excellent website carrying photos of all these types can be found at www.capecodgravestones.com

Thanks for your help.

1726 winged skull (sample included in e-mail coorespondence)

So, if you have seen winged-skull or winged head type gravestones (in North America), please sharing your findings with us!  You can post a comment and/or send the museum a copy of a picture and I will post it into the blog!

Thank you in advance!