Our Black Heritage: 1783 – Present

Since the arrival of Black Loyalists in 1783, there have been settlers of African descent who have contributed greatly to the development of New Brunswick. Working ever so silently, without recognition or applause, families and communities have banded together to contribute in significant ways to the social enfranchisement of themselves and their neighbours. This Community [...]

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Stanton Friedman Is Out Of This World

Stanton Friedman Is Out Of This World Exhibit An exhibit dedicated to the incredible life and career of world renowned Ufologist, Stanton Friedman (1934-2019), opened at the Fredericton Region Museum on June 26, 2021. Born in New Jersey, Stanton Friedman moved to Fredericton in the early 1980s where he lived with his wife [...]

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Pointe Sainte-Anne 1692-1759

Acadian Exhibit at Fredericton Region Museum Tells History of Pointe Sainte-Anne (Fredericton, NB - August 12, 2019) - A new interactive exhibit on the history of the Acadian settlement at Pointe Sainte-Anne (1692-1759) was launched on August 15, 2019, Acadian National Day, at the Fredericton Region Museum. Dr. Chantal Richard, Guest Curator, explained that the [...]

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