Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 14

Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) – Page 14

Fern died in Hospital June 8-37.
240 looms finished night work. June 14-37
Mrs. Wibberly’s daughter died in Hospital June 22-37
Clarence Patterson’s son died in Hospital June 22-37
Tess & Ernie & Family came home by car. July 6-37
Mary Pickard died suddenly, while vacationing
at Grand Lake, Fri – Aug 19-37 buried Sunday 21-37
Mr. E. Daley died Tue. Aug. 23-37
Efficiency men here in Aug. 1937
Old Mrs. Stevenson died.  Fri night Aug. 27-37. 96 yrs
Sade Walker taken to hospital in ambulance
& operated upon Labor Day Sept. 6-37
Nellie & I went with her.
Schools didn’t open Sept 7-37 on account of
Infantile Paralysis outbreak.
I had demonstration dinner. Sept 9-37.
Had my eye lanied [sic] Sun, Sept 12-37
cyst removed

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