Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 28

Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 28

Partial eclipse of sun. Sun. Apr. 7-40
visible here.
Mill was down Fri. May 24 & Sat. 25 holidays
On Sat. night June 15-40 Mr. & Mrs. Geo Tapley
and Mr. & Mrs. S.J. Hallett celebrated their
50th wedding anniversaries
June 26-40 Snow flurried in A.M.
Jack Gillespie a border at Wilson hotel
died suddenly July 18-40.
Aunt Minnie gave me chair Aug 4-40
Horace & Gert married Aug. 7-40
First lot of German prisoners arrived here Aug 13-40
I registered Aug 14-40
I went to St. Stephen Fri. P.M. Aug 31st for weekend

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