Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 26

Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 26

2nd Canadian Contingent landed in England
Dec 31-39.
Mon. Jan 1st, 1940 New Year’s Day, mild with
snow flurries.
Shut down a section Dec. 30-39 after starting &
running 6 wks [sic]. Night work on 80 looms of Lard [sic]
finish started on Jan 1 1940
Mr. Crowe came to U.B. Church Marysville in 1939
Ross Peterson went to Montreal to have operation
on eyes Jan 12-40
A.5.P.C. [sic] raise starting Feb. 4-40
Lord Tweedsmuir died at Ottawa Feb. 11-40
Gov. Gen. of Canada

Big snow storm Feb. 11-40
Mrs. Dick Sloat died Feb. 12-40
Vic Dennison Murphy died in Boston Fri. Feb
23-40 brought home for burial
Donahue child died Feb. 25-40

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