Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 13

Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) – Page 13

Mrs. Hugh Harrison died suddenly Apr. 27-37.
Mr. Gregory died Apr. 25-37
Pearl S. & Charlie S. married. May 1-37
Mrs. Mose Allen of Penniac died suddenly May 3-37.
Coronation Dat, May 12-37. King George VI &
Queen Elizabeth crowned.  Mill down.
Dot Hashey [sic] Mallory died May 13-37
Rendan MacPherson died May. 15-37.
Monday, May 24-37.  Holiday.  Gladys went
to Hamilton. Rainy day. Frank & Eithelyn [sic] here.
George Maxwell of Milltown N.B. died Tues. May 25-37.
Mrs. Lovatt died.  May 25-37
Went to Milltown to George’s funeral Fri a.m. May 28-37
Wilfred Young died suddenly June 4-37
Lottie & Joe came home.

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