Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 10

Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 10

Jere, Ray dew [sic] & Mary & Marilyn of Fitchburg Mass [sic]
visited me. Sept. 19-20-36 [sic]
Whole mill started on fulltime Sept 14-36
Edie [sic] came back with me Sept. 21-36, after
visiting in Maine for 9 weeks.
Edie [sic] first came to my house in May. 1934 [sic]
Oct 12-1936 Thanksgiving Day (no holiday)
Fern operated upon at F.M.H. Oct 13-1936
Mr & Mrs. Keith of Calais. Me. [sic] visited us Oct. 17-19-36 [sic]
First snow Oct. 26-36.
Frank Pettigrove died Wed (a.m.) Oct 28-36.
Nov 2-36 My Birthday
Whole Mill started full Sept 14-36
Nov 3-36 Election Day in USA
President Roosevelt reelected [sic]
Prof. Perry, husband of (Marg. Rice Perry) [sic] seriously
hurt in car accident Nov. 17-36
Died Nov 18-36

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