Forest and Stream October 7 1899 Page 289 New Brunswick Notes

Forest and Stream October 7 1899 Page 289 New Brunswick Notes

From Forest and Stream
October 7, 1899
Page 289 (lower right hand side)

Transcription:  New Brunswick Notes.

FREDERICTON, N. B., Sept. 30 – A favourite camping site for sportsmen who tarry at Fredericton on their way to the big woods is the Barker House, one of the leading hotels of the Province.  Mr. Coleman, the proprietor, is a man of imposing appearance and unique personality. Both Mr. Coleman and his hotel, however are overshadowed and relegated to the rear in public esteem by a huge frog, which has been Mr. Coleman’s playmate for the past twelve years.  The frog was discovered at Lake Killarney, Mr. Coleman’s  summer residence, the year 1887.  It is alleged to have then weighed 9lbs.  Mr. Coleman then began to train the frog to respond to his call, and by feeding him a mysterious cornmeal mixture from a pail with a shovel is said to have fattened the frog until he reached the phenomenal weight of 42lbs.  Strangers came from far and near to see so great a prodigy.  Mr. Coleman had completed all arrangements for shipping the giant frog to the Paris Exposition, when the huge batrachian was found one day this summer floating wrong side up  in the lake.  The hide of the animal was removed at once and expressed to Mr. Crosby, of Bangor, by whom it was mounted in a most  lifelike manner and returned to Mr. Coleman.

A bewildered sportsman, who arrived on a late train the other evening, was set upon by half a dozen stalwart coachmen, who shouted at him the names of the various houses they represented. “Gentlemen,” said the stranger blandly, “I don’t know one hotel from another; take me to the man that has the big frog!”

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