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A Taste of History: Part 2 SODA POP!

Join us on Monday and/or Tuesday, August 8th and 9th 2011 as we voyage through this incredible history and put ourselves to the task of creating our own formula of Soda pop. The most delicious creation will win a prize! Sign up with the pre registration form below and get your tickets today! Call 506-455-6041 or email for more information.

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Volume 28, Number 1 (Spring and Summer 2011) – War Brides Part 2

Volume 28, Number 1 (Spring and Summer 2011) Officers' Quarters - War Brides Part 2 Editorial/Production Team: Virginia Bjerkelund (Chair) Elaine Mercer (Editor) Vincent Erickson (Editor) Fred White Bill Acheson Doug Wright Production Team: Elaine Mercer (Editor) Melynda Jarratt (Fredericton Region Museum War Brides Exhibit Curator) Ruth Murgatroyd (Museum & Society Executive Director) Caitlin [...]

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A Taste of History: Part 1 BUBBLEGUM!!

Come take a fascinating voyage through the history of modern day chewing gum, from spruce trees to Wrigley's double mint and Bazooka Joe bubble gum. Parents and children will be given the opportunity to make their own bubble gum using our fantastic bubble gum making kits. Every kid will leave the program chewing their own home made gum!! This is a date at the Fredericton Region Museum that you do not want to miss, so buy your tickets ASAP at the Museum or call 455-6041 for details.

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