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July 25,26 Bubblegum history

Have you ever wondered where bubble gum came from, or who invented soda pop? Maybe you asked yourself why ice cream is so tasty? The Fredericton Region Museum will answer all these questions and more during the month of July and August. The program theme for summer 2011 is “A Taste of History”, we will look at these fine products from a historical perspective to find out how bubble gum, pop and ice cream were first introduced and have developed into what they are today.

Let’s learn about our favorite snacks in a way that we never have before. At the Fredericton Region Museum we will be learning about the origin of these great treats and then making home-made versions from scratch. With the help of a “make it yourself” kit each child registered will be going home with their very own treats made by none other than themselves. Don’t miss your chance to be involved, sign up and get your tickets now before it’s too late! Bubble gum begins July 25th, 26th and 27th from 10am to 12pm each day.