Fredericton Region Museum Newsletter Vol. 2 Winter 2022-2023

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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the York Sunbury Historical Society, I’d like to thank our members and supporters for their unwavering support of the Fredericton Region Museum during the last 3 years of the pandemic.

2022 saw a near-return to pre-COVID attendance at the museum. Visitors ventured out with courage from across Canada and internationally to visit the City and see all it has to offer.

This gives us confidence for the year ahead, especially since we have big plans to mark the 175th anniversary of Fredericton’s incorporation as a City in 1848.

A new exhibit, curated by our Exhibits Chair, Dr. Cynthia Wallace-Casey, will examine Fredericton’s social and cultural history through our rich artefact and archival collection.

And with the success of last summer’s Froggy Weekend in July, as well as Stanton Friedman Day in August, we expect to draw still larger crowds when we do it again in 2023!

Join us at the Fredericton Region Museum and let’s make history together!

Harold Skaarup, President, York-Sunbury Historical Society