Hannah serving tea

Hannah Ingraham serving herbal tea to museum visitors.

For the duration of the summer months the Fredericton Region Museum is welcoming young entrepreneur, Spencer Murgatroyd, as she opens up her tea shop on the Museum’s first floor.  Ten year old Spencer will be selling herbal teas and sugar cookies while portraying the character of Hannah Ingraham, a member of the 18th century historic Ingraham family.

Spencer Murgatroyd is an ambitious young Frederictononian with a keen interest in local history.  Her fascination with the Museum’s “Fredericton’s Loyalists” exhibit led her to examine the story of the Ingraham family more in depth.  The Ingraham’s were American loyalists who settled in Fredericton in 1783.  Spencer has decided to take on the character of a young 11 year old Hannah Ingraham.  She hopes to fulfill her role by studying transcripts from Hannah’s diary and dressing in the appropriate periodic attire.  She will be documenting her day to day activities in a diary, much like Hannah Ingraham did over 150 years ago.  Museum visitors will be given the opportunity to talk with “Hannah” and to purchase refreshments from her shop, “Hannah’s Tea Place”.

Spencer is looking forward to taking on the challenge of becoming Hannah Ingraham.  When asked what her inspiration was she responded excitedly, “I think it might be fun and I like history and Hannah is history.  Whenever I come here I’m always looking for things to do!  I will be knitting, sewing pin cushions and braiding rugs because that’s what Hannah would have done.”

Customers may choose from an assortment of herbal teas accompanied by a homemade old-fashioned sugar cookie for $2.00. The tea shop will be located on the first floor of the Museum, in the old summer kitchen. Hours of operation will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 1pm until 4pm or by chance.