The preliminary cover of the Officers' Quarters War Brides Part 2 issue

The preliminary cover of the Officers’ Quarters War Brides Part 2 issue

Fredericton, New Brunswick (June 7, 2011) – The York Sunbury Historical Society, through a partnership with the Stepping Stones Writers Group, is getting ready to launch their latest issue of the Officers’ Quarters.

Edited by Elaine Mercer, this issue of the local history publication features the first half of the York Sunbury Museum War Brides exhibit that was closed in 2009.  Ms. Mercer joined the York Sunbury Historical Society Publication Committee last year and this is her third issue of the Officers’ Quarters.  She is the facilitator of the Stepping Stones Writers Group and a published author and has a passion for history and biographies.

The War Brides exhibit was opened in November 2006 in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the war brides of Canada.  It traced the war bride experience from meeting Canadians overseas and falling in love to the marriages that followed, the trans-Atlantic journey and their adaptation to life in New Brunswick.  The Fredericton Region Museum (formerly the York Sunbury Museum) is grateful for the assistance of Melynda Jarratt who guest curated the exhibit and has assisted with this both war bride publications.  Ms. Jarratt is a New Brunswick historian specializing in the war brides experience, has written 3 books on the subject and is currently writing a book about her Grandfather’s war time experiences.

After the Fredericton Region Museum closed the exhibit, several patrons expressed disappointment and the decision was made by the York Sunbury Historical Society Publication Committee to present the contents of the exhibit in two issues of the Officers’ Quarters.

Part one was released in November 2010 and part two is almost ready for release!  Part two will include:  Canadian War Bride’s Bureau, Journey by Sea, An Italian War Bride, Jean Paul, Witness to History from the exhibit curated by Ms. Jarratt as well as articles from Stepping Stones Writers Group members (Gina Kirby and Elaine Mercer).

The York Sunbury Historical Society founded the Museum (571 Queen Street) in 1934 and Museum remain a non-profit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers who work tirelessly to create informative exhibits, organize public programs and publish the local history periodical, the Officers’ Quarters.

The material for the Officers’ Quarters is submitted by guest authors, society members and society program guest speakers.  The content is primarily related to the history of Fredericton and central New Brunswick but sometimes include the history of other parts of the province and Canada.  The Publication Committee is always looking to add to its team of volunteer writers to share in this interesting, challenging and worthwhile local history activity.