Artist in Residence 2022

Cyndi Nash Artist in Residence 2022

This summer the Fredericton Region Museum is honoured to host three amazing Artists in Residence whose experience and practice ranges from First Nations spirituality and visual arts to the art of Salmon Fly Tying.

Funding for the Artist in Residence Program is provided by the City of Fredericton, Arts Culture and Heritage grant program and the York Sunbury Historical Society.

Cyndi Nash (July 18-30)

Cyndi Nash is an indigenous visual artist and basket maker from St. Mary’s First Nation.

Cyndi’s colourful paintings reflect a spirit of resilience rooted in her childhood experience as a survivor of the Sixties Scoop.

Her paintings focus on indigenous women and children, nature and animals. Her eye for detail is evident in the feather imagery that is woven throughout her art.

Cyndi will be on site a minimum of 8 days between July 18 and 30.

Jason Willcox (August 1-15)

When he isn’t fishing, Jason Willcox is likely to be tying flies in preparation for his next adventure. With over a decade of fly tying experience, he now ties a variety of different styles that include everything from traditional salmon flies to foot-long baitfish imitations for musky and striped bass.

Jason will be tying flies at the museum during his residency and there is sure to be great interest in this unique artform.

Jason will be on site a minimum of 8 days between August 1-15.

Kim Stillwell (August 17-27)

Kim Stillwell is a multidisciplinary artist from Keswick Ridge. Although she trained as a potter, her practice has evolved to include metal work and visual arts.

Kim has 30 years of experience working on her creative practice and looks forward to embracing her surroundings at the Fredericton Region Museum through the medium of paint and brush on canvas.

Kim will be on site a minimum of 8 days between August 17-27.