The Fredericton Region museum is excited to announce that this Saturday, April 18th at FredKid Fair we will be launching our Annual Colouring Contest!

This year’s focus for the Fredericton Region Museum’s colouring contest is that of the Ingraham Family. The Ingraham Family were Loyalists who remained loyal to the British during the American Revolutionary War. The family consisted of the mother Jerusha, the father Benjamin, and three children Hannah, John and Ira.  In 1784 they fled New York and settled at St. Anne’s Point, which had been renamed Fredericton that year when it was chosen as the colony’s capital. Ira’s house can still be visited today at King’s Landing Historic Settlement.

Prizes will be awarded on the basis of creativity to the following age groups:
A) Preschool B) Kindergarten through Grade 2 C) Grade 3 through Grade

1) Print and colour a page (or pick one up at the museum)
2) Fill out your name, grade/age, and phone number on the back of the page (Please be careful not to include any personal information, such as phone numbers, on the front of the page as the artwork will be displayed at the museum.)
3) Drop your masterpiece of at the museum for the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

The contest runs from April 18th until July 1st, 2014. Entries will be displayed at the museum during the contest and up to a week after. Winners will have two weeks after notification to pick up their prize. The contest is not open to employees of the Fredericton Region Museum or their immediate family.

Preschool – Benjamin Ingraham CC 2015
Kindergarten to Grade 2 – Hannah CC 2015
Grade 3 to Grade 5 – Hannah Family CC 2015