The Fredericton Region Museum is pleased to be hosting an artist-in-residence program for the second time this summer. This program seeks to make connections between artists and Fredericton’s cultural heritage by engaging the art community directly and meaningfully, while creating an experience for visitors that is unique.

This year’s artist is a painter/sketcher who specializes in painting and sketching people at outdoor activities using acrylics and water colours. When not doing individual portraits of the willing, Derek Davidson is often found at outdoor activities capturing the crowd on canvas or painting the interactions of people socializing at a restaurant. He is a post-impressionist painter who is an active member of Fredericton’s arts community.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with Derek, the artist in residence, who will provide an easel and canvas for the public to paint along with him, beginning July 2. All ages are invited to participate. He will have a gallery room in the museum from July 1-19 but will often be found painting on the second floor balcony. He will be engaged in painting people and activities around the museum during his residency.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a non-profit organization mandated with the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history of the Region of Fredericton. Hours of operation are Sunday to Saturday from 10-5 throughout the months of July and August.

The York Sunbury Historical Society wishes to express their appreciation to the city of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Project by whom this project was made possible.