An artists’ co-op has rented out space in the Fredericton Region Museum and is selling a variety of merchandise including local art, jewellery, and sweet treats. Often playing music under the arches of the Museum, the Madrigal Players and Artisans are a welcomed source of local artistic culture, and we’re happy to have them on board this summer.

They have opted to stay open seven days a week alongside the museum, but open at eleven (noon on Sundays).

Members of the co-op include Sweet Treats by V; Madrigal Music, Art, and Dance; Voluptuous Designs, Jewellery That Fits; The Owl and the Pussycat; Pinafores and More; Lynn’s Knits; and Butch and Judy Lynn Savoie.

The co-op is also offering classes with a few of its members. Classes ranging from jewellery making, and cupcake decorating, to writing, and calligraphy will be offered. Classes in a variety of musical instruments are also available. If you are interested, e-mail, or come by the shop in Officer’s Square.

Madrigal Artisans' Co-op