ImageImage: “La grande marche/The Unforgettable March”, huile/oil, 12×24, par/by Pauline Morneault

Fredericton , NB (June 7, 2013) – On Wednesday June 12th at 5 p.m. the Fredericton Region Museum will be hosting “The 104th Regiment of Foot’s Trek in Madawaska – Winter 1813” Exhibition. The Exhibit displays ten unique paintings highlighting the work of La Société culturelle Saint-Basile, and acts as the only existing depiction of the 104th Regiment’s march through New Brunswick. The paintings will be on display at the Museum until the end of June.

In partnership with PICAROONS TRADITIONAL ALES and the 104th REGIMENT Brown Ale, the exhibit celebrates New Brunswick’s participation in the War of 1812, applying a New Brunswick interpretation to the 200th anniversary of the Regiment’s passage through Madawaska. A. Fred White, York Sunbury Historical Society President, conveys the excitement of the event, noting, “We are so happy to host and display the enthusiastic work of the Madawaska artists.  Their work perfectly captures the essence of the soldiers.”

The 104th REGIMENT Brown Ale marks the first in a series of New Brunswick commemorative and historical beers PICAROONS TRADITIONAL ALES will brew in the coming years in the sentiment of teaching people about New Brunswick’s history in the best way they know how; through beer.

Picaroons will be partnering with the Fredericton Region Museum and donating twenty-five cents from each and every bottle of the 104th REGIMENT Brown Ale to the Museum.  Mr. White notes, “the excitement from the Picaroons partnership adds greatly to the event!”  This represents the first in a series of partnerships between PICAROONS TRADITIONAL ALES and historical institutions in New Brunswick. The 104th REGIMENT will only be around until which time when Picaroons brews its next commemorative beer in the series.

The event seeks to recognize those participating in promoting the history of New Brunswick. Mr. White “would like to recognize Goose Lane’s publications on the War of 1812,” as well as the work of La Société culturelle Saint-Basile, and Picaroons.