Kirkbride Craft Store (9)bThe Fredericton Region Museum (FRM) is seeking applications for its 6 week summer artist-in-residence program.

About our Organization
The FRM was founded in 1934 by the York Sunbury Historical Society and has gained an enviable reputation over its 75+-year existence as a pre-eminent facility for the collection, storage and display of important New Brunswick historical objects, artefacts and records.  It has demonstrated, over the years, a consistent ability to acquire, look after and exhibit artefacts of high quality items, encompassing furniture, decorative arts and technology, aboriginal, military and archaeological artefacts, archival photographs, and papers, books and textiles.

Project Description
The FRM’s Artist in Residence program seeks to inspire artists with Fredericton’s diverse and rich heritage.  Art inspired by history can enhance connections between the museum and the public through its various forms.  The program is open to local artists, working in a visual media, whose work relates to Fredericton’s history.

The artist studio will be located in one of the main floor galleries.  During their six week residency, the artist will be expected to work in the studio allowing visitors access to view the creative process.  They will be expected to provide at least one of the following: a public lecture, a program geared towards the youth community or a workshop.  They will also agree to participate in media interviews intended to promote the program.  Artists are to provide their own working materials.

The FRM will provide a gallery in a heritage building (approximately 9.5’ x 14.6’) to be converted into a studio, artist stipend, advertising as well as two opportunities to showcase and sell their work, their existing artwork in the gallery during their residency and their new work at the end of it.

Essential Qualifications
The Artist-in-Residence will be a practicing artist with a portfolio of published or exhibited works.  Applications are accepted from visual artists and other creative individuals.

Dates of Residency
The residency is for July and August, with the Artist-in-Residence on site for 6 of the 8 weeks.  The exact dates within the residency are flexible and will be detailed in the signed agreement.

Hours of Residency
A minimum of 4 hours a day and five days each week, preferably in the afternoons plus Culture Crawl events.

Application Process
·  Current curriculum vitae, including exhibition record
·  Visual-work examples – jpeg format DVD, CD (image 300 dpi)
·  Short statement of interest and a description of work to be carried out during the residency.  The applicant should also describe why they wishes to do the residency, and what particular perspective they will bring to the program
·  Advice of your preference for either a workshop, a public lecture or a one session youth program;  in 2 to 3 lines provide an outline of the selected activity
·  Two artists may make a joint application, each submitting visuals and other information, if they are prepared to share the stipend and working space
·  Applications must be received by May 15, 2013 for summer residencies

Contact the FRM for more information.

This project is funded by the City of Fredericton Arts, Culture and Heritage Funding Program.