Jennie Pike’s Date Diary (1932-1940) - Page 26

Jennifer (Allen) Pike (1879-1943) was the daughter of Joseph Logan and Mary Ann (Dennison) Allen. Her father was Alexander Gibson’s boss carpenter and supervised the construction of the Marysville brick houses. Allen Street is named for him. Her mother died of tuberculosis in 1881.

Jennifer was raised in Marysville. She may have worked for a time in the St. Croix Cotton Mill. She married Chester Pike of Milltown. After their marriage they moved to Marysville and worked in the Cotton Mill. During her years in Marysville, she was very active in her community.

For many years, Jennifer kept a diary of people and events in Marysville. Her daughter, Gladys Edney, gave the diary to Eleanor (Ebbett) Allen who has made it available to the York Sunbury Museum to transcribe, research and reproduce.