Martha J. Harvey was the founder of the York Sunbury Historical Society

Martha J. Harvey was a founder of the York Sunbury Historical Society, which was established in 1932.  She was a president of Fredericton Women’s Institute, an involved member of the Social Service Council, and was deeply committed to the welfare of the greater Fredericton community.

The Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction is presented to individuals, or groups, who have shown a dedicated commitment to the goals of the York Sunbury Historical Society.  Past awards have honoured those who have made significant contributions in writing the history of central New Brunswick, in preserving its artefacts and heritage buildings, or in offering exemplary service to the Society in its efforts to discover and preserve the history and heritage of York and Sunbury counties.

On December 8, 2010, the York Sunbury Historical Society presented two Martha J. Harvey Awards.  Firstly, an award was given to The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society at the University of New Brunswick who is devoted to the study of war and the complex social and human situations that arise from it. The Centre runs a visiting speakers program and local conferences, many open to the general public. It is also the publisher of, ‘The Journal of Conflict Studies’ and books and articles by its staff and faculty.

The second Martha J. Harvey Award was presented to the Honorable David Dickson for long and meritorious service or contribution to the Society.  Since his retirement, Dickson dedicated much of his time to history and education through special presentations at schools, university classes and community groups.

Past Recipients:
1981 – Lt. Gen E.W. Sansom
1984 – Senator Muriel Fergusson
1984 – Lucy McNeil
1985 – Dr. Alfred Baily
1985 – Dr. D.J. McLeod
1986 – Louise Hill
1987 – Fred H. Phillips
1988 – Dr. Elizabeth McGahan
1988 – Dr. Stuart Smith
1989 – Dr. James Chapman
1990 – Alden J. Clark
1991 – Dr. Ivan H. Crowell
1992 – Velma Kelly
1993 – Ted Jones
1993 – Dr. Murray Young
1994 – Donna Wallace
1995 – Richard Bird
1996 – Fred White
1998 – Ruth Scott
2000 – Government of New Brunswick Heritage Branch
2004 – Frederick Wilmot Hubbard
2005 – Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Acheson
2009 – Paul O’Connell
2010 – The Honorable David Dickson and The Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society

The York Sunbury Historical Society is announcing a call for nominations for the annual Award of Distinction for outstanding individual contribution to the field of history of Central New Brunswick. Any member(s) in good standing of the York Sunbury Historical Society may nominate a candidate for the award. The committee believes the award should be considered in two select categories: For outstanding contribution in the field of New Brunswick history, with particular interest and applicability to central New Brunswick. – OR – For long and meritorious service or contribution to the Society.