For Immediate Release Fredericton, New Brunswick (11 February 2011) – At a recent board meeting, the York Sunbury Historical Society Directors voted to change the name of the York Sunbury Museum.  The new name that will be implemented over the course of the next year is the “Fredericton Region Museum”.  This name was chosen because it reflects the overall theme of the exhibits found inside the Museum.  The York Sunbury Museum first opened its doors in 1934 and after moving to various venues in the downtown area, found a permanent home at the Officers’ Quarters in 1959.  Operated by the York Sunbury Historical Society, the Museum and Society took its name from the two counties, York and Sunbury.  When the History Society opened the Museum, their mandate to research, publish and exhibit the history of the two counties represented its membership and its exhibits.  Today, most of the Society members live in the greater Fredericton region and the exhibits in the Museum pertain to the history of central New Brunswick.  After several months of discussion and research, the Board consulted several of its members as well as patrons from the greater Fredericton community and decided that the name of the Museum should reflect the overall theme of the exhibits.  The administrative task of changing the name on tourist literature, signage, directories and on the internet will take several months so the change will take place gradually over the course of the next year.  The name of the York Sunbury Historical Society will remain unchanged and their publication, program and research mandate will continue to include both York and Sunbury Counties.  The Fredericton Region Museum is the home of the famous Coleman Frog and is a gateway into the history and heritage of central New Brunswick.  The FRM, through its dozen exhibits and collection of over 30,000, is a great resource for the community.