A glimpse into No Man's Land in the Fredericton Region Museum (2008)

A glimpse into No Man’s Land in the Fredericton Region Museum (2008)

The Fredericton Region Museum’s First World War exhibit has always been a favourite with visitors of all ages. The continued interest in World War I weapons, trenches, events and people is a testament to the war’s impact on society. It continues to spark an interest in academics and the public alike. The horrific conditions of the war front and the enormous loss of life are almost incomprehensible today. The world changed in a generation.

The Canadian military fought valiantly during the Battle of Passchendaele and proved itself at Vimy Ridge. Local involvement in an international conflict brought the war home to New Brunswick through the men who fought, the women who joined the nursing sisters and the families who supported them on the home front.

Curated by Brent Wilson, Gregg Centre for Military Studies, the exhibit features a re-created trench, dug out and no-man’s land as well as a video. Brent has taught over 40 courses in military history in the University of New Brunswick’s Department of History and for RMC’s Department of Continuing Education at CFB Gagetown.

The Fredericton Region Museum would like to thank the Province of New Brunswick Heritage Branch and Canadian Heritage Celebration and Commemoration Program for their generous contribution as well as Brent Wilson and the Gregg Centre for Military Studies for their contribution of knowledge, management skills and ongoing support of our organization. A big thank you to our contract/summer students (James, Alexis, Tom, Clinton, Jennifer, Cathie and Sandrine), volunteers (Doug, Paul, Caroline and Gary) as well as our Intern (Neil) who worked on the exhibit and the opening. Thank you to Charlotte for the panel designs and to Frank for constructing the exhibit. our gratitude to the many volunteers that assisted the museum in our fundraising efforts for the project and the New Brunswick Liquor for allowing our organization to fundraise at their stores. The carpet used in this exhibit dug out to replicate a dirt floor was kindly donated by Tommy’s Flooring.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our project from start to finish.

FOR TEACHERS:  WWI & Trench Warfare Education Supplement (Background information on WWI & Trench Warfare as well as images and descriptions of several artefacts used in the exhibit.)