Part of one of the maps included on one of the exhibit banners. Created by the Exhibitiion Intern, James, with the assistance of Rianna, a designer.

This exhibit highlights how New Brunswick was affected by the War of 1812 and the role New Brunswick played in the outcome of the war.  In the summer of 1812, the Americans declared war on the British Empire and sought to invade British North America.  The residents of New Brunswick feared an American invasion and attempted to bolster their defences.  No invasion occurred, but New Brunswick did send reinforcements to Upper Canada in the winter of 1813.  The 104th Regiment of Foot began their march from Fredericton to Kingston on February 16, 1813.  Although relatively unknown to modern residents of New Brunswick, the border separating New Brunswick and Maine was moved for a short period in 1814 to the Penobscot River as a result of a British campaign to occupy northern Maine.  After the war, large numbers of disbanded British soldiers and Black Refugees from the American south came to settle in New Brunswick along the St. John River.

The exhibit consists of 5 bilingual (French and English) banners containing images and text in both English and French.  Maps, portraits, pictures of artefacts, and pictures of locations with a connection to the War of 1812 are all part of the images on the panels.  Along with the banners are optional components.  One consists of 2 replicas of military uniforms that were worn by British officers and New Brunswick Militia during the war and the other is 4 printed images of firearms and swords used during the War.  The exhibit is suitable for all age levels and is designed to intrigue and educate the public about the importance of the War of 1812 to the historical development both of Canada as a nation and of the region of New Brunswick.

The Fredericton Region Museum would like to thank the curator Bob Dallison for his knowledge and time for this project.  A big thank you to our University of New Brunswick intern, James Kitchen, for his hard work. Thank you to Charlotte for the panel designs.  This project was supported by the City ofFredericton through the Arts, Culture & Heritage Funding Program, the provincial government Exhibit Renewal program and the Federal War of 1812 Commemoration Fund.

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