The first panel in the Marysville exhibit describes the life of Alexander "Boss" Gibson (2009)

The first panel in the Marysville exhibit describes the life of Alexander “Boss” Gibson (2009)

This exhibit is no longer available for view at the Fredericton Region Museum.  It is currently on display at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

The Boss’s World was curated by Dr. T. W. Acheson. Dr. Acheson is a former chair of the history department at the University of New Brunswick, a past president of the Canadian Historical Association, and a long time member of the York Sunbury Historical Society.

“The Boss’s World” will highlight the history of Alexander “The Boss” Gibson and his influence over the industrial development of the Fredericton region.

Alexander Gibson was born in 1819 near St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Gibson would go on to become the greatest timber baron in the province, building a company town at Marysville (named for his wife). He constructed two major railway lines which broke the region’s dependence on the river for major transportation, made the town of Devon a railway centre, and built a cotton mill at Marysville.

The exhibit, funded by a grant from the provincial government Heritage Branch, is the biggest exhibit the Museum will be opening this year and features several multi-media elements including a model train representing the lines Gibson built.

The Fredericton Region Museum would like to thank The Province of New Brunswick Heritage Branch for their generous contribution as well as Dr. Acheson for his contribution of knowledge, management skills and his ongoing support of our organization. A big thank you to our contract/summer students (Katriana, Dusty, Caitlin, Jennifer, Matt, Alisha and Sarah) as well as our volunteers (Nathan, Chris and Steven) who worked tirelessly on the exhibit set up, French translations and exhibit opening. Thank you to Charlotte for the panel designs and to Tara (Cyberstar Web Development) for her technical expertise.

FOR TEACHERS:  The Boss’s World Education Kit Supplement (Background information on Boss Gibson as well as images and descriptions of several photographs used in the exhibit. )