Cub Scouts

Aboriginal Awareness Badge
Learn all about the first peoples of Canada! See artefacts, play traditional games, learn Maliseet words and legends, and discover the relationship between Aboriginals and early European settlers.

Artist Badge
From paintings to sculptures, create your very own, original artwork! Learn about past local artists and their art. Go on a hunt for art pieces within the museum!

Canadian Heritage Badge
Meet Alexander “Boss” Gibson, a famous Frederictonian. Learn about Canada and its different cultures, create a map, and listen to Canadian legends and folksongs!

Handicraft Badge
Explore children’s toys of the past and make a special toy out of recycled odds and ends! Learn what toys were made of long ago and make crafts that represent Canadian cultures.

Purple Star Activities
Learn all about Canada: its national anthem, its provinces/territories and capital cities. Explore the life of George Stanley, New Brunswick’s 25th lieutenant-governor and designer of the Canadian flag. View his original designs here at the museum! Make a Canadian flag and learn about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Discover what cultures were represented in early colonial Fredericton society in contrast to today.

Tawny Star Activities – A&B
Check out our World War I Trench and make your own periscope! Learn about codes and send your own messages! Explore historical toys, cultures, artefacts, and legends.


Artist Badge
Create your own art collection! Whether you make sculptures, sketches, or paintings, you can learn about them all at the Fredericton Region Museum!

Cultural Awareness Badge
Explore Aboriginal or Acadian cultures – their language, traditions, spiritual beliefs, and cuisine – and play games related to these cultures!

Handicraft Badge
Learn the skills of weaving or stamping and show your work to your group! View artefacts and examples of the type of work you have created.

Heritage Badge
Discover the origins of the Fredericton community. Learn about the primary and secondary sources and how museums, libraries, and archives are useful in finding more information about Fredericton and other communities.

Beaver Scouts

Although Beaver Scouts do not have specific badges, the Fredericton Region Museum is mor than happy to offer Beaver units the opportunity to visit the museum, learn about Fredericton and Atlantic Canadian history, and have fun making crafts and playing games.

Please note:
We require one chaperone for every 10 Scouts.
Cost is $5.00 per Scout, depending on group size.

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