The Industrial Loss panel is one of the eight panels in the St. Mary's Ferry exhibit (2009)

The Industrial Loss panel is one of the eight panels in the St. Mary’s Ferry exhibit (2009)

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January 2009 My Time at the YSM by Christopher Fairley; 2008 Christmas Party; Programs; Coleman’s Pride; Captured Hearts; The YSM on the Web; Boss Gibson Download (1383 kb)

March 2009 2009 North Side Fredericton Heritage Fair by Peter Malmberg; From the Manager; 2008 Guestbook Comments; edVentures; Programs; Volunteers; Tour Season Has Early Start!; 2008 Visitor Stats Download (3556 kb)

May 2009 Annual Spring Fieldtrip by Elizabeth Earl; EdVentures; Telephone Committee Download (3348 kb)

July & August 2009 Museum Summer Students; YSM Blog; The York-Sunbury Celebrates by Jennifer; Martha J. Harvey Award; Long Term Service of Distinction Award; In Memorium: Kate Mossman by Elizabeth Earl and Fred White; Matthews Cabinet by Alisha and Koral; Gibson Exhibit Opening; Some of This Summer’s Distinguished Guests; 2nd Annual Colouring Contest Winners! Download (2694 kb)

September 2009 Marysville Heritage Journal; Fall Programs; Culture Crawl by Alisha Badeau; 2010 Membership Renewals; YSM Blog Download (3730 kb)

November 2009 World War II Presentation by Marc Milner; Society Programs; St. Mary’s Ferry Exhibit; Rising From the Ashes: The Fires at St. Mary’s Ferry Download (3854 kb)

February 2008 Museum Exhibits; Orientation Room; Programs; Officers’ Quarters; Notes Download (358 kb)

May 2008 Officer’s Square Floods!; McAdam Railway Station; Loyalist Exhibit Almost Ready; Volunteers; Join Us!; Summer Children’s Programs; Sidebar Download (2991 kb)

July 2008 Museum colouring Contest Results; Canada Day; Culture Crawl; Officers’ Quarters; Volunteers; Join Us!; Summer Children’s Programs; Side Bar Download (1174 kb)

September 2008 Loyalist Exhibit Opening by Erika Smith; Numbers Up From 2007 by Kathleen Funke; Society McAdam Trip by Sheila Andrew; Museum Employee Enters “No-Man’s Land” by Edna C. Fakename; Archaeology Class Visits Museum by Kathleen Funke; The Heritage Society; September Program; Worship in the Square; Sidebar Download (6867 kb)

November 2008 Life as a Co-Op Student by Kalian Hiew; New Museum Volunteers; Programs; Research Library; Volunteers; Christmas is on the Way!!!; Captured Hearts; Side Bar Download (3496 kb)

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