This program explores the First World War from the home front to the front line incorporating the museum’s First World War exhibit.

When war broke out in August 1914, few thought it would last four long and terrible years. Trench warfare was bloody and brutal. Disease, mud, poor food and rats added to the misery. The number of casualties was enormous with 8.5 million people killed and 21 million people wounded.

The duration of the program is suggested at one-and-a-half hour allowing fifteen to twenty minutes at each station and time between for switching.  Cost is $5 per participant with teachers/leaders free.  You are permitted one free chaperone per ten children; any additional will be a five dollar fee.  The program was created for high school students; however, it can be modified for most grade levels.  This would also be a great program for Brownies, Girl Guides and Cubs.

If interested, please fill out the request form and either fax, email or drop off the form to us at the museum.  We look forward to hosting you!

Program Pre- Registration Form