In 1885, Fred Coleman went fishing on Killarney Lake and a frog jumped into his boat. The frog began to ribbit and Fred, not being able to understand frog, decided the frog must be hungry and fed him human food. Every day, Fred would return to Killarney Lake and the frog would jump into his boat to be fed. Slowly, the frog began to grow, as did their friendship.

The Coleman Frog is a cherished and extraordinary part of Fredericton’s history. This program has a specific focus on the ColemaIMG_1690n Frog and it’s story. We will watch a short video that will ask the question, “Is the Coleman Frog real?” Then the group will visit the frog itself, so that participants can decide for themselves. Once finished, we will make a small frog craft which will vary depending on the size and age of the group.

This program can be customized to fit  all ages and is sure to be enjoyed by all. The cost of the program is $5, with instructors or leaders free. You are permitted one free chaperone / parent free with any extra being charged the appropriate program fee.

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