Madrigal Artisans Retail Shop 2014

Madrigal Artisans Retail Shop 2014

Located on the main floor, the Summer Retail Space is at the second entrance on the north end of the front of the Fredericton Region Museum building. Consisting of two small rooms, this space was rented to the New Brunswick Craft Council during the summer months in 2010 because the Barracks Casements were closed.

New Brunswick Crafts Council Presents: Kirkbride’s Fine Craft- Downtown Summer Retail Shop

In 2011, the retail space was rented to the artist Cavelle for a gallery space in July and August.  The last two years, it has been rented by Madrigal Players and Artisans.

Applications for the 2015 season will be accepted until the end of April.

Room Sizes
8’ 4” x 7’ 7” –  Approximately 63 square feet

7’ 11” x 7’ 11” –  Approximately 60 square feet

Maximum 13 people

These calculations are an approximation of room capacity. Extra room square footage will need to be subtracted to exhibits or other obstructions.

The rent is reasonable, fill out this form if you are interested: Summer Retail Outlet – Information & Application