Fredericton Region Museum Special Event Banner Display Request Form

The York Sunbury Historical Society Banner Policy will formalize the procedure and responsibilities for anyone wishing to affix banners to the building, including the balcony. Banners are taken into consideration for heritage activities, community partners, and festivals in the Square. An application form must be completed in advance and submitted to the museum office for consideration of approval.

Banners can be hung for duration of the event only and the organizing group is responsible for having the sign put up and taken down.

Banners must raised and removed during museum operational hours. Banners that require raising and / or removal during alternate times will be subject to a fee to cover the additional staff cost. Refer to Museum Hours of Operation for more information.

A $30 refundable cash deposit will be required to ensure clean up and removal of banners.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding display of a Banner, please contact the museum office at 455-6041.