You can rent the entire Fredericton Region Museum, or just a room.  The Museum provides a unique venue for stand up receptions.  Guest can gather in one of the larger galleries for speeches and then tour the dozen galleries while mingling with other guests.

Museum rentals are for non-Museum hours.  Museum hours are seasonal:
May, June and September
Sunday and Monday – Closed
Tuesday to Saturday – 1 to 4pm

July and August
Sunday to Saturday – 10am to 5pm

The Museum has been used for weddings in the past however; the building is does not provide sufficient space for banquet style meals, dance floor or a large ceremony room.  Guests have hosted small wedding ceremonies on the balcony or in the summer kitchen on the main floor. Others have hosted the ceremony in Officers’ Square (arranged through the City of Fredericton) and then move inside the Museum for the reception.