Museum Manners
In order to have the best possible experience at the Fredericton Region Museum, please discuss the following points with students and chaperones shortly before your visit.

For Students:
– If possible, leave your backpacks and large bags at school or on the bus. They may not be taken into the galleries and will have to be left unattended.
– Stay with your group at all times. Do not walk away with strangers.
– For your safety and the safety of our precious artefacts, please walk, don’t run.
– Be respectful and kind to the docent (guide) leading your group.
– Questions and comments are great! Please raise your hand when you want to speak and listen quietly when others are talking.
– Use your polite “inside voice.”
– Photography is allowed in our galleries but do not use a flash while in galleries that have paintings.
– To keep our Museum objects clean and safe, please do not bring food and drink into the galleries, touch the artefacts or lean on the cases.

For Teachers and Chaperones:
– BE SURE TO COUNT YOUR STUDENTS before you arrive and before you leave the Fredericton Region Museum.
– You are welcome to join in discussions, encourage students’ participation and help students relate museum exhibits to what they have been studying.
– Teachers and chaperones are responsible for maintaining discipline as you would in the classroom. Please set a good example for students to model.
– For their own security, please be sure the children know the names of the adults in charge of their group.
– Students must remain in chaperoned groups before, during and after the tour, whether in the galleries or near the Museum entrances.

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