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Brownie Badges

Girlfriends Through Time
• Bring a friend to the museum and your friend can come for half price.
• Discuss what is special about being and having friends. Make friendship cards to give to the girls in your circle.
• Visit the museum and look at clothing of what women used to wear in days gone by. Learn about the history of underwear too!
• Hear a story about friendship in another time. See how things are different today from when the story took place.
• Act out some situations showing how to be a good friend.

* This program also includes key to me activities: Being a Friend and Helping Others

My Hero
• Learn about some heroes from our community and Canada.
• Think about what makes someone a hero.
• Make a picture about someone who is a real life hero.

Aboriginal People of Canada
• Visit our Maliseet Exhibit to find out about the history Aboriginal Peoples who live in the Saint John River Valley.
• Play an Aboriginal game and listen to an Aboriginal legend.
• Learn about Aboriginal inventions and symbols. Make a small canoe which includes Aboriginal symbols.

Modern Canadian Inventions
• Learn about Fredericton’s very own inventor, Benjamin Tibbets and look at a model of his invention.
• Draw a picture of one the four Canadian inventions discussed during our program

Art in the Community
• Art does make our community a better place.
• We will look at the samples of art inside and outside the museum.
•(We often include both Modern Canadian Inventions and Art in the Community topics in the same program.)

Proud to be Canadian, Our Flag and Our National Anthem, and Canada Sings
• Let’s celebrate Canada. Sing about Canada and play a game.
• Learn a Canadian folk song.
• Meet George Stanley. He was New Brunswick’s 25th lieutenant-governor and designer of the Canadian flag. Take a look at his original designs located at the museum and make your very own Canadian flag.
• We will conclude our program by having a “flag” ceremony and singing Oh Canada!

Your Day

• Happy Birthday to You! Let’s pretend it is your birthday.
• Learn about when people first started celebrating birthdays and how birthdays might be celebrated in other countries
• Tell us how you like to celebrate your birthday.
• Make a craft that celebrates you!

Special Days
• Come to the museum and learn about some special celebrations of Aboriginal and Acadian peoples in our area and make one of their symbols of celebration.
• Have fun with us inventing a new celebration.

• Museums are places where we keep memories of the past alive. Join us in looking for our favourite treasures at the museum.
• Make a time capsule for your favourite memories.

Sewing Magic
• What tools and materials are needed in sewing today? Look at some tools and materials that were used for sewing in the past.
• Make a special gift that includes sewing.
• Wrap it for someone that you care about.

Winter is Great!

• Join as at Officer’s Square for a time of skating and building snow figures.
• Learn about how to take care of your skates.
• Come inside and have a hot drink and listen to a story.

Super Crafts
Come for an evening of fun crafts at the museum!
• Look at our amazing collection of aboriginal crafts and make an aboriginal craft.
• Go on a sculpture hunt through the museum. Sculpt one to make for a gift.
• Look at a special type of portrait art called silhouette portraits and try to make one of yourself.

Please note:
We require one chaperone for every 10 participants.
Cost is $5.00 per participant, depending on group size.

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