The Corporate Benefactor Program is a source of significant operating support for the Fredericton Region Museum, and, in particular, for the museum’s education program and exhibits, as well as, collections management that makes our programs and exhibits possible. The Corporate Benefactor Program enables the museum to present a wide variety of education programs and exhibits to thousands of visitors annually. In order to serve the public according to the highest standards, the museum relies on its vital partnership with the corporate community to provide a foundation of operating support.

Since its beginnings in 1934, the Fredericton Region Museum has become Fredericton’s preeminent heritage institution, serving the greater Fredericton area, York and Sunbury Counties and the local tourism industry. Located in Fredericton’s most iconic heritage building, the Officers’ Quarters, and leading in local historical research and educational outreach, the Museum extends to and serves all age groups, from preschool children to senior citizens, and maintains a variety of community and educational programs.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a unique resource for the community, tourists, students and researchers, providing a variety of exhibits that illustrate the history of the greater Fredericton region. Over a dozen exhibitions and displays based on both the permanent collection and on works of art and artefacts from private collections are mounted throughout the historic building. A history periodical, The Officers’ Quarters, is published semi-annually and educational programs are offered continually.

The Fredericton Region Museum is a cultural and educational landmark in central New Brunswick and the Board of Directors wish to build a relationship with Corporate Benefactors that will support the vitality and leadership of this great institution. In appreciation of their participation, Corporate Benefactors receive significant benefits and public relations opportunities that provide creative solutions to marketing objectives. If you are interested in joining the Corporate Benefactor Program, please contact the museum office.