Our 1914 |Cash Register!

Our 1914 Cash Register!

As the province’s capital museum with an extensive collection, we have a lot to be proud of and to share with our community.  We enrich the quality of life through our cultural activities, research, publishing, programs and exhibits.  We exhibit the history of Fredericton, central New Brunswick, the Acadians, Loyalists, Natives, the Garrison District and the north/south sides of the St. John River.  The Fredericton Region Museum plays a valuable role in Fredericton and central New Brunswick.  The museum provides our citizens and tourists opportunities to experience, explore and discover our rich and multi-facetted history.

Operating a museum is not an easy task!  It’s an enormous challenge to store and preserve a collection for future generations to explore.  As with all institutions, museums have evolved over time adding to the already complicated task of preserving and promoting history and heritage.  To maintain a collection of historic artefacts and share it with the community requires time, energy, labour and equipment.  Collection preservation and maintenance costs are unique to museums.

Our organization is a preparing for the worse in this economically challenging year.  Our funders provide us with very important support each year and if it were cut or lost, it would be a major set back.  That is why the York Sunbury Historical Society has signed up with CanadaHelps dot org.  Our technology at the museum is from 1914 and even though patrons love our giant brass cash register, it does create a few administrative challenges.  With CandaHelps dot org, we are now able to take donations online!  We are a registered Canadian Charity and are able to provide tax receipts to our donors.

Please support us so that we can keep collecting, preserving, sharing and promoting the history of Fredericton and central New Brunswick.  Make a donation!  If you have already donated, then thank you!  We appreciate your support!

Other ways that you can support the Fredericton Region Museum:
Become a member of the York Sunbury Historical Society (or give a membership as a gift) and enjoy the benefits of membership while giving the museum the important support that it needs
Visit … funds raised through admission help pay for our operations such as our power bill, building maintenance and staff
– Purchase something from our little gift shop
– Drop your loose change into our donation box
Volunteer!  Maintaining a collection, researching and giving tours require a lot of time and energy so we can always use volunteers!
– Sponsor a program, event or exhibit!  We have an Open House every year … maybe you can sponsor it!
Rent our facilities for a meeting or reception
If you have a business then become a Corporate Benefactor